Diagnostic Services

When it comes to sick pets, diagnostic tests play a crucial role. Think of these tests as our special tools for untangling the mysteries of their health problems. With thorough check-ups, detailed bloodwork, and advanced imaging, our veterinarians can often pinpoint the root causes of illnesses. This helps us offer treatments that are timely and tailored to each pet.

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Our pets are members of our family, so it certainly can be very stressful when they are sick.  Just call us at 914-528-5000 and we'll make sure to get you in to see one of our veterinarians as soon as possible.  Our top priority is your pet's health, so we're happy to work through lunch or stay open late for you.

Often, a comprehensive physical exam and a thorough patient history is enough to make a diagnosis. In cases requiring additional diagnostic information, our hospital has the specialized equipment and expertise needed to make the diagnosis.

Using our in-house lab equipment and reference laboratory partner, we can quickly run:

  • Blood chemistry screens
  • Liver and kidney analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • Cytology and fungal cultures
  • Blood clotting tests

Our hospital also features the latest in diagnostic imaging tools. We have a digital X-ray unit and an ultrasound machine available for evaluating your pet in the event imaging is needed to make a diagnosis. If needed, your pet's imaging studies can be emailed to a board-certified radiologist for immediate review.

If your pet needs diagnostics or specialist level care beyond what we can offer, we have relationships with several animals speciality hospitals in the area, and may refer you to the appropriate specialist for additional analysis.